Tree Falling

LVTAC Conducts 2 different types of tree falling course.

The following courses are for people that are required to fall trees in any sector other than the Logging sector

The following courses are for tree falling within the Logging sector

LVTAC will only provide tree falling courses to people that are employed within an industry that will enable the tree falling skills learned to be consistantly utilised and reinforced.

The following must be available to conduct training and/or assessment:

  • An adequate amount of trees to fall
  • A range of species/features suitable for each level
  • Approved for removal

You must allow a minimum of one week for training. LVTAC reserves the right to extend the training period if required.

Assessment only options are available with demonstrated evidence of prior experience.

Worksite Skills Verification to confirm currency is available.

HAND fALLER - Tree Falling